Thursday, October 31, 2013

a hello after a long time


shoes: nike

I have told you if I'm a bad blogger rite?:( yes. I had so many business that I had to care. Since I had no time to post, I'll tell you if you wanna see, me, as the one of inspiring girl(maybe:b) you can check my instagram, here.
There are so many things to do. And well, since i am no longer available to waste all of my time to hangout and do some fun things again I really suggest you to check me at my Instagram. You may ask me why, but I'll explain it simply. I am on 12th grade now, and of course you know all my reasons then, right?^^
Life changes. And I really feel it right now. I'm having so much fun thing around my boys and my girls. But, who knows if I am going to go to leave them all?:( and who knows, I am going to go to leave this town, and all of my family apart? I am growing up, and a few months later I will leave all my adolescence thing here. Yes, I am going to go to study at university since I'll graduate soon. it's such a horrible thing for me to think it twice. I just wanna keep it out of my mind.
But, I know that every changing has it's reason. For me, it's just a piece of my life that I have to feel. And I believe that it will fun. and there will be so much fun.
Finding a new friend, taking care my own self, studying with a loneliness, adapting a whole new things, and reaching the biggest dream that I have planned.
Yes! I swear I can do all of this.
Dream and Believe guys!^^
Btw, thankyou for staying as looooong as possible as my readers. I Love you to the moon and back! x without you I can't tell all my story since you all are my best audiences xxxx. Aaaa maybe tomorrow or less than a week I'll post so much posts that you have to see. Actually I have so many outfit photos, but I have no time to write and tell. Because, once I turn on my PC it can last around 2-5hours -_- and it's really piss me off.
and the last is, tomorrow, I have a chemistry test and I have to study now. ._. wish me luck guys. I heart youuuuu xxx

xoxo Laksii-

Sunday, June 23, 2013

holiday 2 - pink

two post guys :b have no time to update :( quick post. I have a badmood.. I would like to share but maybe it sounds like harash////rawr!
maybe some of you have seen this on my IG (candralaksi)

LV clutch

nonong -_- kkk :b

decimal shoes : wedges

*kisskiss* goodnight!

xoxo Laksii-


Holiday. It’s what on my mind right now. Flying inside my brain. Holiday is about something that refresh your mind. Maybe some of you have been starting your plan or maybe the holiday itself. But now, I just stuck with mind. There is no plan, no mind, and I think I haven’t starting my holiday yet. I just spent my time for watching television, subscribing NCIS and Castle 5 a whole day off. Can you imagine, where is my boredom level take place? I think it’s on the top level! Hhhhh.

Actually, I had a plan to go to Jember, to visit my aunt and of course my sister. But it’s canceled. Because my aunt wanted to visit me -___- what’s the different?

And maybe I will go to Surabaya next Tuesday to visit my mother’s daughter :b kkkk. Yeah, my sister. She is doing her script for her final exam. Then, we just wanna look her for do a favor :3 lol. Actually my mom wants to go shopping, because we seldom go to Surabaya since 2 years ago. Although, when I was on Junior High School, I always go there around once on a month. Maybe it’s because my sister still a freshman in her college. So my family likely goes there.

dress: j-rep. wedges:fladeo

good night :))

xoxo Laksii-

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

in front of my house

yup, I took these photos in front of my house, at the yard :p

how lucky i am when i did my window shopping with my friend, i just tried to enter planet surf at mog, the one counter that barely new in there and i found this short :p aaaaaa heaven XD

hat : romwe
shirt : heroine
short : spider bit
platform : clyns
sunglasses: throne

xoxo Laksii-


many posts at once :p like what i have said that i am a lazy blogger and there are so much business that I have to handle :) future business women, amin!=))

shoes: berrybenka
bag: gift from ellen XD

luvelle necklace
casio watch

throne sunglasses : *yang leopard nya lego eyeshades; lupa namanya --"* *bad blogger*

xoxo Laksii-