Tuesday, February 17, 2015

new begining

these weeks I have been so busy. I promoted my university in senior high schoolers all around my city then created an event like a simulation test for them for entering my university.

Then, my holiday already ended. I have to enter my classes again. I hope that busy routines will be great for me. I love to have an activity than sit down or maybe lay down on my bed without doin' nothing. well, my expectation was too high.. unfortunately for my 1st week here, most of the lecturers didn't come at my classes.. and it did hurt me so bad cause I had to wake up in early morning and I knew that the class canceled after I already arrived in campus.. what the.....

But, you know what? I think this smester gonna be fun. Cause I realized that there will be a lot of foreigners who will study in my faculty this smester. Then, I already found out 4 japanese attended my class. Well, sounds interesting. I met them and the were sooooo cute. They were so happy for attending the classes these days, but classes got canceled. I feel bad for them, but at least, my friends and I would like to take care of them in every possible circumtances. Even they are so excited for hanging out with us and made a LINE group which consisted my friends and them, they also asked us to friend them for hanging out this thursday. Well, it means that my friends and I are nice, right?:p
Then, my friends found anothere japanese girl sat alone by herself yesterday, they also greet them and I came after them. Her name is Siori. She is 21yo but she looks younger than me.. OMG you gotta be kidding me. Seriously Japanese girls, you are all so cute. You know what? She speaks Indonesian so well. But, most of foreigners who I once had conversation with them always use formal Bahasa Indonesia. So, they were confuse when we gossip between Indonesians. It is like the difference between 'nggak' and 'tidak', it's so significant for them. The 1st impression that they got in their mind must be "Aku bingung ya.. disini itu beda. mereka berbahasa bukan formal dan aku sedikit kebingungan"
I think that I have to wait until next week 'til all the foreigners come then make friend with them and I can calm down myself for the whole problem that I faced this 3weeks. Especially for these 3 days.. Oh hell no. I'm stressing out. But, I believe that busy days this smester will be more interesting for forgetting all of my problem.
FYI, I already had discussions with my friends and my seniors about annual agenda at my major. Fortunately I'm one of the committee, hopefully my works will come out nice cause I just realize today that my division is really important in this program. cause my group will be dealing with sponsors and yes.. it's called sponsorship. Honestly, I didn't know anything about sponsors in this town so this task will be my high priority in my task lists. Then, I will tell you in my next post what kind of program that I have been doing these days. and yes.. even the class is canceled, finaly I knew my reason why I always spend my whole day in campus like.. I always come home at night when I went to campus in the early morning.

I guess I already told you bunch of my chatter and I would like to tell you about these photos.. I will make it really short cause I'm yawning right now. YES. I always stay up 'til morning these weeks.. so it means that I always sleep in the morning. shut.

this waterfall is really something.. cause usually people jump from the top of it and.... yes. it's really something. YES, I'm not lying. Unfortunately I didn't:( cause I was too scared. But, my friend.. Juhee, she did it. I will post her video jumping next post. then I guess that I have lot of things which I have to post here. lol. AND I got tips for you guys, don't forget to make your right position when you jump. even it's not too high, if you jump wrong, your back will be hurt. Just make sure that your feet touch the water first before another part of your body. So, you have to jump directly without any fear and planning than just wait on the end of the peak.. no I mean the tip of the place where you will jump, cause it can make your back fall down first before your feet. And it's better that you run before you jump.

oh ya! the place is called Goa Pindul.. well, when it's translated, it becomes Pindul cave. Do you know what is that? the black spot on the wall of this cave.. it's bat's poop:p HAHAHAHAHA eh no no no no! it's bat's urine :p
yes. there are lot of bats here.but the cave is really sth!

unfortunately I came here in rainy season. So the water isn't limpid

look the white stream there (well I don't know which word that describe that white spot) is crystals. so it can be your way to see the crystal which fresh from the oven :p ??????

if I'm not mistaken it's a historical heritage. yup, that blue pond.

this is eucalyptus oil garden. it's around the tourism site. When you finish touring the cave, you will ride a pick up and go to a river where there is a waterfall that I've told you in the 1st photo.

and those are the rock which edging the river.

so just come here when it's dry season. so the water will be clear like this :p
well, bye!!

xoxo Laksii-

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

final awkward scene

as promise, we met. he shared his game with me but I was too bored. I'm just giggling right now cause I should have played the game with him. All I remembered that day: I was too busy to think about my anger. I didn't know.. I just did.

Suddenly, my friend came up to call me. he said it was urgent, but it was just a crap. my friend called me to talk about my ex matter. Guess what? I was enjoying my time with my crush, but my crush had a really bad time with hearing out my chatting time about this. I screwed up!

I ended the conversation, but I couldn't help to get out of his sight first and told my friend that I was playing with my crush at that time. So, I hung up then talked to my crush again. I surprised.. he wasn't angry at all. but, we ended our time 20 minutes later.

After all of that shit happened-_- I felt that my day was fully destroyed.

Then, it was right! after that day, we didn't contact each other. Like we never meet again. how cruel.

day passed, another week began. I walked to my campus, it was Tuesday, I had Thailand language and culture class this morning, it supposed to be special day, cause I loved it back then. This class added its greatness with a special occasion which named like culture sharing between Indonesia and Thai, cause there are several guests who came to this class, but when I was on my way, I surprised that I found him again.. "what?"

He startled, like I did. We crossed our gaze, but we suddenly paused our step. He crossed my way to his car, but I cut his way. We both startled in 5 seconds and..

HIM: oh hi..
ME: hi.. why are you here? ummm in this early morning?
HIM: ah...I.. have a class this morning..
ME: OK bye!!
HIM: ah okay.. bye.

the weirdest scene that once happened in my life. this awkward moment happened is just SO not me. we talked like nothing happened, even we gazed like that was our first meeting. BUT, the truth is we dazzled in gazing time because we knew if we haven't ended our lovebird story. WELL, who knows this early love could end beautifully?:)

then.. in few weeks.. FINALLY he got a new girl. this time he made up to be his girlfriend.. yes, A GIRLFRIEND. so.. have a good life, dear my ex crush!


finally I ended my question which said "what is your most awkward moment?" with 3 posts story. I modified mine, so.. mm actually the real scene is in this post. GOTCHA!:p so... I can have your attention in previous post.

this time I wanna to show you, the 2nd biggest or good museum in Indonesia. (if I'm not mistaken). It really wide and so complete compared to others, cause there even some household equipments(?) which came from ancient time. how kingdom family ate in their own way. Its specialization was the "wayang" or traditional puppets which made from wooden or skin, cause the wayang here is really complete. Even there is the newest kind of wayang which created from drawing to get child's attention so.. new generation can pay more attention to one of Indonesian heritages.

xoxo Laksii-

Saturday, January 17, 2015

ce samedi soir

Girl:"Just please tell me how did all of your cards turn out 5 club just because you shuffle it?"
Boy: "Just please don't force me to reveal my secret.. :("
Girl: "..."
Boy: "you happy right? come here just sleep on my shoulder.."

The night flew away so fast after the waitress brought pizza next to ours. I was too lazy to wake up, so was he. He told me bunch of stories, then he moaned like.. "I'm hungry like really:( I haven't eaten yet. Can we just drive then eat this?"

He steered his car then we dissolved in the chatting scene again. He ate his pizza like crazy.. no wonder. He waited me to go dinner together even I postponed it in 2 hours, he played his game console just for waiting for me while I'm practicing. It was 11pm. He asked me where to go, I said "as long as we are not going home"

After long sparring, we decide to go to a cafe, called Alive Cafe.

The night was too worth to be last. If I have free ticket for going back to this memory, I swear I will make it happen again. But I already knew that the fact will say no.

Parking the car inside the parking lot, he opened my door. I searched my things which fell inside my bag, he waited for me patiently. 'just few seconds more baby..." I grumbled inside my corpus. Suddenly he called me..

"Hey look at me.."
"What?" I groped my things below my feet.
He touched my lips.

Too shy to be described. I kept silent for 3 seconds, but he smiled. I just knew without gazing deep into him. I woke up from my chair, I walked away. He closed the door without doubting, pressed the alarm button, then ran to chase me. "Hey, wait!"-don't forget, he chased me with a smile.

I was too shy for looking back. I just walked away then he reached my waist, circled it again. He looked at me, but I walked away. I was too confuse, but I enjoyed that little surprise. We both in and nothing awkward happened, just romantic scenes that I couldn't imagine with words. Sexy night mon ami!

12am. we drove away. we were hunting another moment, without doubting, we promised each other to meet again.

to be continued

well, I will continue it in few days.

BTW, I didn't travel a lot here (read:yogyakarta). I often go out with my friends, but I don't go to natural tourism of  kind. I love to hang out, then eat, then we like chatting nonsense. How wasteful my time..

But, I once traveled to beach around Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta fyi Gunung Kidul is a mountain, Gunung means Mountain in Indonesian. As you know, there are so many beaches around there, if I'm not mistaken the driver said if there are 33 beaches. Approximately 33 beaches surround the mountain.

there were so many baby crabs here, I got one!

Do you know why there are many beaches arround there? I think it just because in every 200 meters the name of the beach is changing. Don't like another beach which only shows one side of view, but there are cliffs which separate them, so if another person found the beach behind another cliff, it means that the name of the beach is changed. Hehe. (I dont wanna post LOL, cause I'm not laughing right now like hell no, I'm thinking if it's a funny reason.)
For example, there is a beach which called Indrayanti. In Indonesian, Indra is common name for boy, then Yanti is a girl name. So, I think the founder of the beach was this couple. :p

All the beaches are quietly good, with dark sand all over. But, there are moss.. mm nope. Maybe little seaweeds are all over the corals. It was nice to see them!

thankyou Juhee for taking the photos!

pardon my candid face

xoxo Laksii-

Monday, January 12, 2015

quatorzième dans la dixième de Selene

"(He) is sending you request from ((his friend)) home, tap add....."
Yea. LINE. It started from line.
So.. we did the-hang-out kind of thing after one day spending our introductory in Line. Well, introductory.
I practiced for my faculty fair, it's called flashmob. At the same time.. he exercised. He loves to do gym kinda thing cause he was fat back then.
I remember that he asked me about anything, but his courtesy didn't attach me at all, Cause he texted me like really freaking short and abridged all the words he pressed.
Didn't know what i was thinking, but I accepted his appearance as well as his blur photo profile. One thing that interested me at the time was:

"he posed with his mother in his highschool prom and made it a profpict.."

Another weakness side of me after guys who are willing to take care of his little sister/brother like crazy. Bringing his little cupcake everywhere without hesitancy. But in this case.. i judged him that he was mommy-little-boy who loves his mother like crazy. Well, you got my attention at that time, boy.

We both like really shy, asked each other over "who am I" topic. Then, the asking time turned me dumb when I knew that he is my neighbor. Yes, both faculty area and boarding house. same kind of class. Obvious clues.

After finished our schedule, finally he flipped his shame and asked me to go out for dinner. Without doubting, I said yes.
I got ready and he waited me outside of my boarding house, I was too shy for calling him when he smoked, cause he didn't notice me at all.
So I played a role, I texted him through line: "where are you?",
he replied "next to you".
I answered "no one here, next to me is a truck hell no. Don't kidding me",
"Turn left.."
A not really nice looking boy sat down next to his car and gave me a high five.. 'oh so u re my prince'

Both of us are new comer, didn't know where to go, he called his helper, where usually his dad ate /the soto/ kinda food. Then we went in crazy chatting and guess what?
I didnt care he smokes. I didnt care his height which really close as mine. I didnt care his little-fatter body. I didnt care his looks, he just fine with his appearance, no need to re-make-up. I didnt care the way he speaks which always torture me like crazy. I didnt care that he would hold my hand when he made me as joke. I didnt care when he calmed me with cheesy words and acts when he slipped his funny sentence while i was talking serious. I didnt care the way he drives, because it's so freaking slow like a boy who recently got his car. I didnt care his age which turns out 17th yo 3 days more when I'm 19th yo in the next 3 months. I didnt care anything, except the way he brought the chatting into fun scene +really charming acts that I never feel from any other boys who dated me.

Oh dear. You made me falling without the help of gravity. You are just soo so so me without any tiny exception.

After one and half hour didnt find the place, he parked in one of pizza shop. I slept. Really! Didnt know why I was sleeping inside a car with stranger back then. It just sooooo not me cause I would never sleep when the guy who I love is here.. next to me.
When he touched my hand to wake me up, I saw atm machine. I was happy cause I needed to take out some of fresh bucks cause all I had were changes at that time. But shit... i lost my tweety-atm card. Yea. Atm which supposed to be owned by juniors, under 17th yo.

He was pale, cause I lost my atm. "What can i say to ur parents? I'm bringing you out but at the same time you lost ur atm card with me. Wth Im doin'??"
I answered inside of my heart "oh shut up. You are just too sweet to be happened"

My mood went down. He calmed me. Then.. he circled my waist when I was walking inside the shop. 'Is this another surprise?'
Back then..
He tried to persuade me with his jokes. I was so happy, but he felt that he wasnt perfect enough to entertain me. He ended my ugly mood with tricking cards. This was really amazing.

He had the complete card. I saw and touched it. He asked me to pick up one card after he shuffled them. It was 5 club. He shuffled again the whole cards then DANG! 

He opened those up then all the cards turned out 5 clubs! OMG. OMG. I was pretty confused. "what the hell are you doing?!"
he replied, "secret.."
he added, "you won't like me anyway when you know the secret. your curiosity just made my day.."

to be continued.

well, those are my story :p haha hope you like it. I'm inspired by ask.fm daily question. "What was your most awkward moment?" well, it's not the exact answer but.. you will see in few days what will be the end of the story and most awkward moment in life.

okay these photos I took from Grand Aston hotel. I will give you little review here.

The place is quiet nice. The servants are really nice eventho we pretended to be two koreans! LOL. this just happened cause I hijacked Juhee's snapchat and I took a selfie. Then some of her friends said that we are twins! omg. this wasnt the end, but another servant just called us as twinnie.

blur is the new focus


She said "speak English" all the time. When we went to spa room, then swimming pool, sauna, 'til we had dinner, we spoke English as well as we tricked them like really. Maybe Juhee wasn't confident with her Indonesian language *HA! got you nenek, I'm torturing you right now*, so she asked me to say everything in English.

When we had buffet, all you can eat IDR 69k  without drinks and tax, every waiter and waitress just confused. Cause we spoke Indonesian when in lobby back then, but we spoke English the rest after it. What they supposed to say then? LOL. I'm sorry.
FYI, I didn't really like the buffet, cause it just so minimum. I prefer the breakfast of course. It's so obvious from looking the price which charged.

Plus point here is added, cause there is vanilla sky lounge in the rooftop. If you are looking for chillin' place. Then yes.. you can choose this place. There will be DJ at Saturday night but, it's not really there when I visited there last time. So, this case can be used for testing ur luck. lot your luck! if you are lucky enough, you can meet DJ at 10pm in Saturday night.

anyway happy Saturday night.. JOMBLO!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Coming Back

Hello everyone!!
Nice to see you again:) I lost lot of my sincere readers here. My biggest apologize here for you for not taking care of my blog. I promise you with my love and heart to post again this blog. Hope you who still staying in this blog will read again and love it.

Actually, I deleted some posts regarding to my past-labile posts, cause it just bunch of teenagers story and moody stuffs. Here, I wanna make new project with my besties. I don't know how to start it, but I'm trying my best like really right now. Then, I'm confuse right now, should I change my blog title or not? because here I wanna share my whole story life and maybe it's a different concept with my past posts. I think bunch of posts that I deleted maybe can help this blog for staying out of the new of me.

I'm currently living in Special District of Yogyakarta, Indonesia to continue my study. After leaving Blitar where I spent most of time since elementary school 'til senior high school, it's hard to control how I suppose to do. Especially like deciding or reasoning like grown-up people do. Believe me teens, thinking the way mature does isn't easy thing to do like reversing your hands. Leaving most of adolescence period of life has been tough for me, and I don't think that I'm mature enough for saying that I'm completely grown-up since my age will turn out 19yo this year.

However, I start to enjoy my new Era right now. Lucky me I have bunch of new friends and tons of besties here in my university life. As you know, my major is Tourism, so I can study when I spend my leisure time while travelling around. Then, I guess I can graduate from this International Undergraduate Program peacefully. Thanks to God I'm not pressured after selected this major, cause in the past this iup tourism wasn't the first major which came directly into my mind.

Okay, first of all, I wanna introduce my friends. Then, I'll continue to post what really going on while I'm living here. So guys, start to read and enjoy my posts ya!:D

spot me!!! lol. here are my friends who I'll spend my 4 years together inside the class. Maybe they just half of my class-mate.

The pictures from here was taken from Paul's camera, well.. Paul's GoPro. He is that guy, yeah the only guy in this photo. Left, the girl with glasses is Ivy. Her accent is like American while my another class-mate called Jordyna, is like British accent. SO, my class completely fulled up by both of American and British Native :p lol. Then the girl with hijab is Sella, I'll tell about her after this photo. Then, the right side is Juhee. She is Korean. Actually Indonesian-Korean deng. I often go out fooling around with her and Ivy btw.

The Location is Epic Coffee and Epilog Furniture which located in Jalan Palagan Tentara Pelajar, Special Region of Yogyakarta.

well, you know how I love this boy cause he is the one who always show up in my photos right? Yaasss, this water animal boy is really awesome :p fyi. even senior adores him so much. *you know who I mean Pawla, sorry* 

Well, the photo is blur:( So, I just post it with normal size. She is Sella. My-Sahabat-Dahsyat friend in this only world. Sahabat Dahsyat is people's nickname which used by Music show in Indonesia, Dahsyat which means tremendous in English is one of Indonesian popular music show. My senior gave that nickname to us cause we always laugh whenever the MC said funny sentences when we followed introductory students orientation. We were the one who sat in corner-right-front of the stage and did the LOL think soooooo loud 'til everybody noticed us. You know how I couldn't stop my laugh when I was in the junior high school and ended up in thirty minutes. Amazing skill, isn't it? LOL. Buuuut NOW Lucky me, I can hold my laugh like people experiencing their burp phase. So, I can laugh normally like you guys right now. hehe.

Okay, that's all I can see today. Sooooooo, thankyou and good night. Anyway, I stopped study while ago for writing post here. So guys, wish my friends and me luck for exam ya. Nice Dream!!

xoxo Laksii-